Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Heads on Sticks?

Here's a treat for all of you who have your second issue of TQL, have read the Postcard from Ricky, and are wishing you could see the scene he described in the article. Ricky dug down, way down, in his collection of a million photos so you could see what heads on sticks really look like! That La Veta—for a small town, it really rocks. Such a creative bunch down there.
     So now the 2010 AQS Paducah show is history, and a good one it was. The new facility, a huge, white, inflated "bubble" that is known as the Pavilion, made its debut this year. The loss of the Executive Inn space for a merchant mall required a creative solution to make sure that all the legacy vendors would be able to have a booth because people come from far and wide for the show and have come to expect an impressive lineup of booths with fabric, tools, supplies, patterns, and more. The Pavilion had wide carpeted aisles, lots of room, and bright daylight streaming down on us, even when it was raining outside. I liked it a lot.

     The Quilt Life had a prime location in the Pavilion, the first booth to the left as you come in the front door! I really really enjoy getting to meet all the quilters that stop by our booths to chat, especially when they have good things to say about the new magazine. And they sure did! Thanks to everyone for the great response. The second issue was hot off the press so subscribers wondered why they hadn't received their copies yet. Because they were too fresh! Had to wait for the ink to dry before sending them out. Most people opted to look through the issue rather than wait until they got home to see what was in it. Curiosity was high, that's for sure!


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  1. Jan,
    My name is Ramona Bates. I would like to find 2-3 copies of the June issue of Quilt Life to give to family members, but our local Barnes and Nobel has sold out of their copies and won't be getting any more. Could you help me out? rlbatesmd@gmail.com