Wednesday, June 9, 2010

August 2010 issue now online

It's August! At least in The Quilt Life land it is, because that issue is available to subscribers at right now. The print issue will be making an appearance soon. I can't tell you exactly what date you will see it because it depends on where you live, mail service, and all that. If you're not a subscriber yet, take a look at the August issue Table of Contents at to see what goodies will be inside.
     TQL got a nice review at The June issue was the one reviewed, the one that focused on threads. "The Quilt Life has much to offer quilters at every level of experience," says the publication, which services library professionals. A good choice for libraries to offer, but I say you're going to need your own copy. This magazine isn't a "skim-and-toss." It's for your leisurely reading pleasure, and if you choose to make a quilt from one of the patterns or test out a technique, you'll want it by your side to guide you.

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  1. I am not a person who writes letters to the editor. But the August issue has inspired me to write and say "Job well done." I think The Quilt Life is getting better and better. I totally agree with you. I like to "skim" first and then take my time reading the articles. I do read every one of them. This magazine has found a unique niche in the quilting publications market. Keep up the good work.