Monday, June 28, 2010

Update on PeaceQuilts Haiti

This is the project that was covered in the August issue's Helping Hands section of The Quilt Life. I recently got a message from director Jeanne Staples: 
     "Since we last communicated, I traveled to Haiti—the first time since the earthquake. The devastation is just incredible. It was emotionally challenging, yet ultimately rather inspiring to see how the women have continued to create beautiful quilts, even though most of them either lost their homes or had serious damage, so that they are now living in tents. My colleague Maureen, a clinical psychotherapist, was able to do some personal assessments with many of the women, and provide some post-trauma counseling. We were also able to meet members of our newest cooperative in Cité Soleil, the notorious slum in Port-au-Prince. They are amazing! 13 women are working there, and 10 girls are learning to sew and quilt in an afterschool program, shown here, that our co-op manager started. We are headed back in a couple of weeks, and part of our agenda will be to explore ways that we can create opportunities for those with disabilities (especially as a result of the earthquake) to become fully integrated members in our cooperatives. I hope all is well with you, and wish you continued success with the magazine."
     Wishing you and everyone at PeaceQuilts the very best, Jeanne. Keep up the good work.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer NIght Sky variations

Variations on Summer Night Sky, one of the patterns in the June issue of TQL, have been sent in by Elsie Campbell, the designer and maker of the original.
She had mentioned these other beautiful versions made by friends of hers and now we get to see them. They are very lovely, proof that anyone can take a published pattern and put their creative stamp on it. The original is at left.

At right is a version from Jean Tomson. I love love love this creative treatment!
And at left, one from Becky Schweitzer....

...and finally, a version by Judy Arnold, right.

Makes you want to organize a challenge, doesn't it? The full pattern is on page 76 in The Quilt Life June 2010.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

August 2010 issue now online

It's August! At least in The Quilt Life land it is, because that issue is available to subscribers at right now. The print issue will be making an appearance soon. I can't tell you exactly what date you will see it because it depends on where you live, mail service, and all that. If you're not a subscriber yet, take a look at the August issue Table of Contents at to see what goodies will be inside.
     TQL got a nice review at The June issue was the one reviewed, the one that focused on threads. "The Quilt Life has much to offer quilters at every level of experience," says the publication, which services library professionals. A good choice for libraries to offer, but I say you're going to need your own copy. This magazine isn't a "skim-and-toss." It's for your leisurely reading pleasure, and if you choose to make a quilt from one of the patterns or test out a technique, you'll want it by your side to guide you.