Thursday, January 7, 2010

Merry Band of Quilters

Show season is approaching quickly. I've started making my travel plans already, starting with the very first AQS Lancaster Show, March 24–27. If you're planning to go, stop by The Quilt Life booth. I'd love to meet you and hear your ideas for articles in The Quilt LIfe. By that time, the first issue (April 2010) will be out and you can let us know how you like it. Better yet, how much you love it!
     One thing that I often see at the large quilt shows that makes me smile is a group of friends traveling together, enjoying their quilt life together, a merry band of quilters you might say. It's obvious they are together; they may be wearing identical patchwork vests, or a particular hat, or sewn and embellished name badges that match (I've been meaning to make my own embellished name badge for years; it's on my to-do list).
     These groups of quilt fans are soooo representative of the quilt life and therefore, perfect subject matter for The Quilt Life. If you are part of a Merry Band of Quilters (does your group have a name for itself?), click here to tell me a little about it, in 100 words or less, putting Merry Band of Quilters in the subject line. Your group could be featured in an upcoming issue!


  1. There are 10 of us in our QBL Gal Pal group. For more than 10 years we have been traveling from different parts of the USA & Canada to QBL (Quilting By The Lake) for 2 weeks of classes & merriment.

    During the year we keep in touch by email. Our aquaintances have evolved to a special level of true friendship; Distance being no barrier. In fact this year we plan, if possible, to rent a cottage on the East Coast in late Spring to quilt, laugh & inspire one another.

    Currently, one of us is facing a health issue so all of us are banding together to keep her spirts high.


  2. AOL Quilters have been meeting daily in AOL chatrooms and annually at quilt shows,Lancaster, Houston, Odyssey, MQX, for almost 10 years. We recognize one another by name badges made with a purple churndash design. Several go every year and room together. We're from different states, with varied jobs and political opinions, and we like different quilting styles. We just like and respect each other. We enjoy family and friends and provide them with quilts. We honor our communities by making charity quilts for people in need. We love quilting!

  3. We are Quilt Buzz, have been meeting together for a couple of years - once a month to sit & quilt together & chat. We are also friends who care about each other so we are a quilt focussed support group to one another. We did a trip to Seattle in the summer last year as a group to attend the Ricky Timms Super Quilt Seminar which we all LOVED. Several of us also make it an annual event to drive down from Canada to SEWEXPO at Puyallup, WA to a attend classes; SHOP and have lots of sewing & quilting fun together - that's coming up soon - can't wait

  4. i'm planning on coming to the AQS show in Lancaster... i'll look for you!