Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Facebook Farmers, Merry Band Members, and Celebrity Queries

Little did I know that we'd be buried in submissions from the FarmVille/Farm Town farmers. Thank you everybody! The comments were a treat to read, too. You'll see the fruits of the harvest in issue 2 of The Quilt Life (June 2010).
      If you were planning to submit one question to Eleanor Burns, also for issue 2, you missed your chance, but shortly, we'll have three more quilting celebrities lined up for future issues and you will be able to submit your questions to them. If you have any suggestions for celebrities you'd like us to invite to be the "Answerer", you can post your comment here or send your suggestion to info@thequiltlife.com.
      What fun it has been to hear about the Merry Bands of Quilters. You all epitomize the best about the quilt life--creativity, sharing, having fun, and building lasting, loyal friendships. Are any of you planning to travel as a group to the AQS Paducah Show and Contest this year? Or the new AQS show in Lancaster in March?

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