Monday, May 9, 2011

Feeling the Paisley Connection

We’re talking to Pat Holly, who, either solo or part of a dynamic duo with sister Sue Nickels, is no stranger to the winner’s circle. Pat’s biggest win for a solo effort to date is best in show in Paducah with Paisley Peacock. PP just happens to be the centerfold of the June TQL.

TQL: Paisley Peacock is so exotic! What inspired the design?
PH: I have a large collection of books, starting with quilt technique books, and then adding any books with pictures of antique quilts. At some point I started looking at books with textiles from around the world (this includes weaving, embroidery and garments) and I was amazed. Now, most of my new books are world textiles and right now I am fascinated with textiles from India. I was in Scotland in 2008 and took photos of Suzani embroideries at the Burrell Collection. This photo is not the greatest, but maybe you can get the idea of how I was influenced. I was lucky enough to visit India last year and my mind is still whirling with ideas. The most important part of all this (and this relates directly to Paisley Peacock) is I love feeling that connection with textile creators from all over the world, past and present. By using these images as inspiration, it allows me to talk about and share what I have learned about different cultures. Many people have never heard of Suzani embroideries—from central Asia —and I want quilters to be exposed to these beautiful textiles.
TQL: Pat, it’s amazing! You’ve managed to capture the richness of the Suzani textiles in a design that feels so fresh and original. Let’s talk about your color choices next time!

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