Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Surface treatments: buttons, ruching, swags

Jan: The vintage buttons shown here aren't actually from your collection, Linda, but I thought our readers would like to see them anyway because they are so lovely. There are 12 vintage buttons on the quilt. Could you tell us more about adding those and when you do that?
Linda: The buttons were sewn onto the background after the surface applique was completed. I found it much easier to handle by doing as much applique as possible in quarter sections, including the swags and the linear ruching, and then joining those. I only had one-yard pieces  of the background anyway so it made sense. Every quilter how sometimes you have to make do—make the construction match the materials and limitations you have!
Jan: And how about the embroidery?
Linda: That is done on top of the quilting so that it sits on top. But the upside-down stuffed yoyos were added to the top as the last thing.
Jan: You mentioned in the magazine that the bracelets you collect sometimes have "perfume buttons." I had never heard of those before and did a little investigating. These are charming buttons from the 1800s made with velvet and overlaid with an openwork metal design, perfect for dabbing a teensy bit of perfume on instead of dabbing it on the skin where it would be likely to stain the clothing. Now that I know what they are, I'll look for them wherever I find antique buttons for sale. Not to worry, Linda, I won't become your competition by collecting them! I just want to savor them because, as I mentioned last time, anything vintage is interesting to me.

Next time: vintage button inspiration

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