Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rights and copyrights

That pesky copyright question about what your rights are as a quiltmaker and as a copyright holder always creates confusion, doesn't it? Bonnie Browning, the AQS show chairman, has a very helpful post on the AQS website that addresses some of the questions. As an editor, people frequently question me about copyright law, thinking that it must be part of my job to understand it. And it is, to a certain extent, so I'm always eager to add to my imperfect understanding, but I must leave the legal advice to the experts. It's good for quiltmakers educate themselves, though, to prevent disappointment, as in "You mean this quilt of mine that was 2 years in the making can't be displayed? Or published? Or sold?" Bonnie's post is one that I'll keep as a reference. It even links to a chart. Check it out here.

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