Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hot for handwork

4th of July usually is the hottest time of the year where I live. Even at our cabin in the mountains, the nights are comfortably cool but the days are still hot, hot, hot! That's why it's a perfect place for me to do handwork. (Did I mention that there's also no electricity there to run a sewing machine? That's a good reason too.) Applique and piecing by hand have given me some of my happiest moments and I'm looking forward to a few more this weekend. I'm between projects right now, so I'd better head up to the sewing room to make some decisions, pull some fabrics, gather some tools, and pack up for the long holiday weekend. Safe travels, all!



    Check out this solar powered portable power supply. I take a different portable power supply with me when I go on vacation. It runs my featherweight for hours.

  2. And I I was going to joke about using solar power! (I do have several small hand crank sewing machines that were very popular during WWII in the UK....they work great too and are a bit easier than a or not!)