Thursday, December 17, 2009

Choosing between time and fabric

In the first issue of The Quilt Life, two of the techniques recommended involve saving time and improving accuracy. One is the Fast Forty-Five technique used, for example, in making a Snowball block. For the pattern Burnished Chintz in the issue, lots of Snowball blocks must be made. The other technique is shown in the article "One-Seam Flying Geese." Both are quick and easy, and for me, way more accurate. But there is wasted fabric when you cut squares in place of triangles. Not a lot, but it adds up. The same is true for paper piecing. Just about everyone agrees that blocks are considerably more accurate, but that method does waste considerably more fabric than traditional piecing.
    So what's more important to you: saving time or saving fabric? I think I can guess which will win out with today's quilters, but I've been proved wrong before. Please take a moment to answer the mini-survey to the right. Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. Saving time beats out saving fabric anytime with me. I work full time so the more time I can save the more quilting I can do! I have plenty of fabric.