Monday, March 28, 2011

Be Dazzled Even More Than You Were Before

The TQL April Centerfold, Sarah Vedeler's quilt GO! Be Dazzled, is a knockout. Sarah mentioned that the quilt has a little sister, GO! Be Dazzled Too, which you get to see here. It's a simpler version of the centerfold quilt. It's a fun exercise to open your April magazine to the centerfold, and compare the two.

Simpler though this one may be, it's still stunning. Sarah has advice for choosing fabric and thread for a quilt. "For embroidered applique, I want the fabric to be as plain as possible so that the thread—which is the main source of the design—shows up as much as possible. Solid colors work well, as do tone-on-tone colors." And what fabrics should you avoid? "Any fabric that has a distinct design. The thread just won't show up. And if you've devoted a lot of time and effort to the embroidery, you want it to be noticed!"

But what if you have a piece of fabric that you REALLY want to include in the quilt, but it has a lot of pattern on it? "Consider using it for the sashing and borders, or maybe the setting triangles or any corners in the center of the quilt. In other words, places where there is no applique or detailed quilting."

Great advice, Sarah!

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